Studying reiki with Guillaume is being grounded with roots and knowledge and at the same time having the space to fly and connect with one’s spirit. it is a merging of the lower and upper worlds sometimes like a storm and other times with grace. Thank you with gratitude for the unfolding.
— Diane G., NYC, NY 


Christel C., NYC, NY "Guillaume was introduced to me through a mutual friend in Entrepreneurs Organization. I really connected to Guillaume's journey as someone who came to a healing career through after his roller coaster ride as a CEO. Guillaume's energy healing is anchored in authenticity and strength. I believe his ability to connect to my duality (human and spirit) was the reason he was so successful in moving me past a "great stuck" and helping me uncover my flowing, vibrant energy again."

Francoise B., New York City, NY "I know that Reiki would be great and powerful but last initiation  week end went far beyond everything I could have imagined. You have created instantly such a meditative and loving atmosphere .Really amazing was to feel how quickly we became all in need of each other's in our group. I have been waiting for a long time to make the decision to learn Reiki but now I am so glad that I met you Guillaume,  a truly inspiring master and ..mentor .I loved the shamanic inspiration too. During  the following week I was still   feeling the very positive vibes of the weekend, thinking a lot of you all. I experienced also some physical changes and I have also been revisiting past decisions that where emotionally difficult .I was able to reconnect with my sister and I am pretty  sure this is related to  meditation we did during the week end..Did also 3  Reiki treatments! Dear Guillaume , thank you for sharing and teaching us knowledge and wisdom with such natural  wonderful  humor and generosity. You Are a Shaman!"

I can’t thank you enough for creating the space and giving some much of your knowledge and energy to all of us with compassion. I learned a great deal in observing that alone. I received a healing that I will always remember and be able to connect to when i practice.
— Tiffany R., New York City
I am so grateful for your offering of teaching Reiki. It has changed my life and continues to be very much a part of my path.
— Jonathan C., NYC, NY

Arielle G., New York City, NY "Thank you so much for the amazing Reiki training weekend! What a gift. So many beautiful lessons it was truly life changing. You really do give seekers a gift. Thank you so much for all of the beautiful wisdom, presence and of course reiki. You truly gave the class an experience they will remember for the rest of their life. I'm truly moved and this has taken me to new depths. I can't thank you enough. Thank you!"

Guillaume! I had to send to an email to thank you. You truly are amazing, kind, and wonderful. Your ability to give advice and guidance is far beyond what I could have ever asked for. I cannot wait to learn more and speak to you more often.
— Erik L, Brooklyn, NY

Albert D., Brooklyn, NY "I enjoyed all of the teachings during the course. First I saw the power of Reiki and much of a beautiful healing practice it is. Second, Guillaume your knowledge, quest and calling you are in is so inspiring and wonderful. I learned so many interesting and fascinating things over the weekend. My soul feels nourished and ready for more and more and more. Thank you!"

Stephanie V., Brooklyn, NY "Thank you so much for a very special weekend. You are such a well of knowledge. It's very rare to meet someone that conveys such deep wisdom in such an accessible and humble way. I feel that everyone left this weekend with much more than just a Reiki 1 certificate. At least I did!"

Laurence C., Norwalk, CT "A great uplifting weekend with a lot to embrace and to learn. Very relaxing but active at the same time. Many details were added to start your practice with confidence. Guillaume is very knowledgeable. A great guide for your journey to Reiki teaching or your own practice. Enchanting!"