Shamanic Reiki - Master Level

Callicoon, New York

April 24th & 25th, 2021

By this third weekend, you will already have 3+ months of practice since your Level 2 (which is the minimum time needed between 2 Reiki levels). You will have deepened you relationship with your Spirit animals & Spirit guides, be already deepening your experience with clients with Shamanic Reiki and will have new guidance from your own practice.

During this weekend, you will deeply connect to Nature as we will conduct the training indoor and outdoor on a Native American sacred site in the beautiful surrounding of the Catskills mountain and Delaware River.

We will learn the master symbol of Reiki and will discover how to use it during a Shamanic Reiki healing session. We will learn additional Shamanic techniques of entity extractions and soul retrieval. We will also learn how to work with specific pathology and disease and how to best support our clients in their healing of depression, cancer, pain, anger, spiritual depression, etc.

You will receive your third set of attunements. You will also learn to give and receive Shamanic Reiki healing in person and remotely to situation and karmic issues.

During this third weekend training you will:

  • Receive your Shamanic Reiki Master Level attunements

  • Learn the 4th (Master) Reiki symbols, its use, and how to bring it into your sessions

  • Practice self-healing methods for the transmission of Shamanic Reiki

  • Deepen your connection to Nature Spirits and how to call them into your healing work

  • Use the energy of the land and a sacred site to heal your patient

  • Understand how to ask permission to a land & sacred site for its healing power

  • Learn how to use Nature and Plants to develop a clean and strong inner energy core

  • Create your own smudge sticks, plant tincture for the Shamanic Healing work

  • Collect and create Sacred (Holy) water and infuse it with your own energy

  • Practice energy healing techniques (sound, visualization, crystals, etc) to open your connections

  • Receive Shamanic Reiki energy healing

  • Learn how to work with all the different types of diseases and illnesses like depression, cancer, infections, anger, physical pain, etc.

  • Learn about legal protection and legal practice of Shamanic Reiki Healing

  • Learn about insurance and legal frame of the Shamanic Reiki Healing practice

We will end the weekend by a traditional fire ceremony with prayers and blessings for our practice and the healing of humanity.