Shamanic Reiki - Level 2

The Sanctuary (Callicoon, NY)

January 23rd & 24th, 2021

By this second weekend, you will already have 3+ months of practice since your Level 1 (which is the minimum time needed between 2 Reiki levels). You will have deepened you relationship with your Spirit animals & Spirit guides.

We will learn the first 3 symbols of Reiki and will discover how to use them during a Shamanic Reiki healing session. Also it will be time to learn how to strengthen you energy connection to your client and how to start reading the energy body. We will learn Shamanic techniques of entity extractions, and how to identify the areas in the body which require specific attention. We will also learn how to work with masculine and feminine energies, and how those work in the body.

You will receive your second set of attunements and will start deepening your practice of Shamanic technics and Reiki. You will also learn to give and receive Shamanic Reiki healing in person and remotely.  

During this second weekend training you will:

  • Receive two Shamanic Reiki Level Two attunements

  • Learn 3 Reiki symbols, their use, and how to bring them into your sessions

  • Practice self-healing methods for the transmission of Reiki

  • Integrate Shamanic techniques to access alternate realities beyond time and space

  • Learn how to give a complete Shamanic Reiki session

  • Learn to work with the 6 shamanic directions and how to call them into your work

  • Learn how to connect to Nature Spirits and how to call them into your healing work

  • Activate your ability to transmit healing forces across time and space (distant healing)

  • Receive Shamanic Reiki energy healing

  • Expand consciousness and work with spirit guides

  • Start learning how to work with all the different types of diseases and illnesses like depression, cancer, infections, anger, physical pain, etc.

  • Discover and learn energy healing technics to clean & protect your energy bodies